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Witch of Desire (The Battered Lamp 3) Reed James

Witch of Desire (The Battered Lamp 3)

Reed James

Published October 13th 2014
Kindle Edition
40 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Kyle feared getting caught with Chyna would be the end of his relationship with Christy, but his sexy girlfriend is far more understanding.. But Christy hides a secret—she suspects her coven mistresss hand in Kyles affair and begins her quest for answers.When Kyle returns home, Aaliyah—the beautiful, sultry Genie he had awakened—has a sexy surprise. Fatima, Kyles childhood friend, is lithe and eager to express her long-concealed love for Kyle, and the young man gets to experience double his pleasure as he falls into the arms of Aaliyah and Fatima.And the coven is on the trail for the Genie, eager to capture Aaliyah and steal her powers. With Christys help, Ms. Franklin summons her familiars to scour South Hill for any trace of the Genie while a dark power pulls the covens strings.Will the coven discover Aaliyah? Find out in this 7900 word harem, supernatural erotica! This story of love, lust, and threesomes is not for the faint at heart!