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The List (Class of 85) Veronica Lynch

The List (Class of 85)

Veronica Lynch

Kindle Edition
54 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Revenge is a dish best served cold.Twenty-five years ago, Fiona Thorpes classmates voted her most likely to explode. Through hard work and rigorous self-control she is now every womans fantasy, every mans wet dream. Head held high, and less than half her former size, Fee returns to her high school reunion weekend. Her goal: exact revenge on those who made her life a living hell back in the day. Her first attempts are remarkably easy and give her profound satisfaction. But no one is more shocked than Fee when she discovers the handsome, respected man seated beside her at the opening banquet is a modern day Paladin, who avenges those unable to defend themselves. To make matters worse, he is her former chief tormentor, Mick Dineen.Are some wounds too deep to heal? Or can two former enemies find common ground?