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Corvus Eduardo Luengo


Eduardo Luengo

Published July 14th 2014
ISBN : 9781909477148
264 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

An unknown enemy threatens humankinds very existence. In the Underworld, the Hellgod Antares, is cursed to a slow and painful demise after taunting Death. To remain alive, he sends his agents, the Harbingers, to the surface to bring him souls and cure him from Deaths curse. After being separated from her Company of knights, Alice Houdin ends up in an alien realm, called the Underworld. Forced to atone for her sins, she will have to complete a series of tests to claim her salvation. Her courage will be tested, and she will have to overcome her greatest fears to get back home and retrieve a treasure lost to her. Soon after losing the Company of knights he used to command in a mission to Notre Dame, Arthur Montague starts to push away his belief in honor and team work, and turns into a solitary knight who would rather rely solely on himself. Not knowing who to trust anymore, Arthur sets out in a quest to bring down the Harbingers and their malicious schemes, while racing against time before the curse he bears leads him to Death herself. All that stands between them are the Harbingers, whose inhuman powers and great devotion to Antares will keep Alice and Arthur from preventing the Hellgods return to his full potential. In this tale of courage and dishonor, nothing is black and white. Rather, everything is gray.